Gymnastics Balance Beam Basic Training

Balance beam is the most critical competition event for women because of the relative ease of falling off and the harsh deductions for a fall. A single fall can eliminate gymnasts from winning a medal in the beam event and often also in the All-around. Beam medallists are often the All-Around winners.

Complete Beam Basics in One Training Program

Because beam is different from the other gymnastics events, gymnasts and coaches find the need to work on a special and complete basic training program for balance beam that is designed to build strength for beam, develop balance, completely eliminate falls, and improve balance beam skill consistency.

Beam Basics are Critical to Future Beam Success

Successful mastery of such a program can allow gymnasts to acquire more complex beam skills with less effort, more confidence and in a shorter period of time. Mastering such skills and drills has short and long term benefits. Skipping the basic beam building blocks puts a gymnast in a position where at some point their bad habits can stop them from having success in staying on beam.

Train Basics Before Trying to Learn Advanced Skills

As with building sufficient strength and flexibility for the skills that need to be learned, working on this basic beam training program before attempting to learn more difficult skills will pay the biggest dividends.

Continue with the Beam Training Program Throughout Your Career

Every level of gymnast, from beginner to advanced, will want to continue this training throughout their career to prevent bad habits from seeping in and to reinforce beam techniques and landings and to further improve their beam capabilities. A program like this is not only a supplement for an advanced team training beam program but can and should serve as the major part of the basic development of younger and lower level beam basic training, even in a recreational program.

Romanian Beam Complex

A relatively well-known program that accomplishes some of these goals is the Romanian Beam Complex which is specifically designed to build the necessary habits of balancing on the feet and with proper foot and body position.

Soviet Beam Complex

A relatively unknown program is the Soviet Beam Complex, which emphasizes becoming comfortable on your hands in the handstand position and on increasing and developing specific strength for beam skills.

Build In a Margin of Error for Beam Landings

There is an additional need to develop a series of good skill landing habits for both front and back (and side) beam tumbling skills. When landings are practiced and done in a particular way, it can create a margin of error to avoid falls. This additional margin of error can be utilized to stabilize landings and eliminate falls.

Have to Expand Original Beam Complexes

Both the Soviet and Romanian Beam Complex systems will have to be significantly expanded to deal with new and more difficult skills and to train for skills that are now popularly done to comply with the updated difficulty requirements.

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Gymnastics History – A Brief Overview

Gymnastics, as an interest, has been around for extra than

two thousand years in one shape or some other, from the ancient

Greek Olympics, to Roman ceremony, to trendy present day meets.


As an organized and simply aggressive game, gymnastics

has existed for a touch more than a century. It changed into

introduced in the mid 1800s to the usa, in which it

inexorably received in recognition within college systems.

amateur institutions collected collectively with the aid of the late

19th century, offering lessons and opportunities for

young humans to enroll in in on the fun. finally, these

associations started out to have their own championships.

In 1896, at the primary worldwide Olympic video games in Athens,

Greece, the game we all know and love loved its first

huge-scale debut.


Included within the Olympic match have been

vaulting, parallel bars, pommel horse, and rings occasions for

men. the primary girls’s Olympic gymnastics events had been held

in 1928. After the Olympics began to officially host

gymnastics, the sector Championship gymnastics meet emerged

within the early 1900s, and it’s far nonetheless held to this very day.

as a result started out a noble lifestyle that continues even in contemporary

Olympic video games and in nearby, regional, national, and international

meets all over.


If you’re the figure of a younger gymnast, odds are, people

are going to invite you, “Why did you pick gymnastics over

swimming, ballet, football, baseball, or football?” it’s far an

smooth question to offer, but no longer a easy one to answer.


Their curiosity is absolutely comprehensible–to the

uninitiated, may have a lower profile than others.

but, in case you are indeed very critical about your child

collaborating in the game, you can inform those humans, with

first-rate authority, that gymnastics is an remarkable manner to

spend time. now not only does it have a protracted and illustrious

history, however it also calls for attention and field on

the part of a infant–greater so, possibly, than one worried in

another game.


To be able to turn out to be a hit at the game of gymnastics,

your toddler will should get into a recurring of exercise.


This kind of recurring isn’t the same as, say, soccer

exercise or hockey practice, in that it does no longer involve

the concept of physical rivalry with different people. A

gymnast is not commonly visible chasing after every other

gymnastics teens with a hard and fast of rings as one may see a

hockey participant attacking every other person on an opposing crew.


Gymnastics does no longer encourage violence inside the same manner

contact sports do — certainly, when one is part of a

gymnastics group, one has to paintings in synchronicity with and

have a certain accept as true with for the other members, a valuable

lesson in this individualism-driven social surroundings.

this can surely help in any future employment,

mainly in case your child is interested in professions that

contain lots of interpersonal communication.

past exercise, gymnastics also requires physical

area. as an example, in case you do now not pass within the way

that you are taught to transport while on parallel bars, you’ll

have falls and disappointment–and then, of direction, you

study from the mistake, pick out up, and try it again.



at gymnastics braces a person for the future in that manner:

it prepares them for the inevitable necessity of

determination and endurance in any of life’s endeavors,

whether or not in business or in education. along side

school have a look at behavior, practice for gymnastics can certainly

lead a younger man or woman into a stage and swish confidence.

In fact, for as bodily pushed as gymnastics occurs to

be, it is also an incredibly intellectual game: every

motion calls for forethought, for in the sport, in case you do not

think about what you will do before you do it, you’ll

grow to be at the mat.


Finally, and possibly most manifestly of all, there may be the

truth that gymnastics will keep your baby busy, as any

other game would possibly. because of this he or she might not be as

probable to slip right into a sample of slacking or of putting out

with the wrong crowd.


Quite literally, whilst your child is

at exercise, you may understand wherein they are — you will no longer

ought to worry in the event that they have wandered off somewhere or are

unintentionally stepping into problem. This can lead to

peace of thoughts for you and yours, maximum assuredly, which,

just like the abilities they may examine, are definitely useful.